Fellowship Fleet and Chicago Urban League: Driving Towards Inclusive Growth

August 16, 2018

Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Business Company, a Chicago minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), provides black-car limousine services, coach buses, and shuttles across the country to large companies and anchor-like institutions across the U.S.

Fellowship Fleet president and owner Travis Latham says one of the reasons he keeps the company headquartered in Chicago is because of the city’s proximity to many large and influential buyers, including Google and Boeing.

Fellowship Fleet has excelled at working with Chicago’s anchor institutions. To continue this historical trend, Latham is actively looking for areas to foster growth for his company by working with larger buyers. Recently, Latham attended a CASE Procurement 101 workshop at Chicago Urban League to gain strategic assistance in business development, specifically in reference to doing work with anchor institutions. Travis said, “I have nothing but compliments for [CASE]; they fulfill the necessary business education that many enterprises in Chicago need.”

Following their attendance at Procurement 101, Fellowship Fleet took a step further in improving the company and signed up for the CASE Diagnostic Tool. Latham was initially intrigued by the relationships CASE has with Chicago’s leading anchor institutions, but as he continued to use the tool he realized its multifaceted benefits, including  access to RFPs and opportunities to help him grow his business.

The Diagnostic Tool also allowed Fellowship Fleet to take another look at their business and develop their plan to hire a dedicated sales person, and eventually won them a contract with a CASE anchor. Latham added that the tool brings a definite financial benefit to employees and businesses and “recommends that everyone should [sign up] for the tool.”