Let It Snow! Insight into a CASE-Ready Business That Emphasizes Local Hiring

January 26, 2017

Tovar Snow Professionals has been serving industrial and commercial clients for the past 27 years in the Midwest. Their focus is snow removal, consistently concentrating their efforts on providing customers with the highest quality performance and technology. Serving both public and private clients, including Chicago Public Schools and UPS, Tovar Snow has eight branch locations operating with a “boots-on-the-ground” management style.

Chuck Haas, Regional Director of Business Development, said, “In a competitive industry like ours, [Tovar Snow] continually adapts and reinvents [itself].” He explained that by working with large companies, Tovar Snow has had the opportunity to expand into new communities by creating new branches. Because Tovar has such a large geographical footprint, it’s easy for the company to excel with these corporations. According to Chuck, “[Tovar] can customize and tailor proposals with these anchor-like companies.” They outperform their competitors by continually improving their technology, management and administrative strength, and buying power.

Tovar Snow has been selected to be assessed by the CASE Diagnostic Tool. Chuck explained that: “The tool itself is a new approach and we’re excited to see the different viewpoint it creates. We know our business well, and are interested in the CASE evaluation of our operation. An outside perspective is very valuable because it sees the business through a different lens.  This is difficult to achieve when businesses are immersed in day-to-day operations.” Chuck is optimistic when talking about the Diagnostic Tool, noting that it could even cause a paradigm shift in how Tovar Snow does business.

For Tovar Snow, human capital is their most critical asset, and their investment in Tovar University (soon to be Snow Angel Academy) is a top priority consisting of multiple training programs. When establishing a new branch, Tovar Snow’s mission is to hire locally. As an example, they’ve teamed up with Little Village to host job fair events in this neighborhood. The mission critical nature of the business calls for a quick response, and Chuck stated that when thinking about hiring, “those who know these communities best are the people who live [there].”

Tovar Snow recently completed the CASE diagnostic tool pilot.  CASE is currently recruiting businesses for the 2017 pilot.  Please email case@worldbusinesschicago.com for more information.