July 21, 2016

Srikanth Parepally founded METMOX, Inc., in 2004, a software development and building IT company that specializes in Managed Services Packages (MSP), cyber security software, and IT consulting, staffing, and support for large international firms. Unlike large IT firms, METMOX differentiates itself by easily adapting to meet the customer service needs of large clients.

In 2014, Srikanth participated in the CASE program because he was intrigued by the opportunity to learn about the skills desired by anchors looking for strategic partnerships.

“CASE helped me develop a critical pitch that succinctly illustrated all of METMOX’s services into a three-minute presentation. This was something I didn’t have previously, and I knew it was essential to effectively communicate my company’s offering to anchors to expand my business,” said Srikanth.

METMOX recently responded to an RFP and landed a contract with one of CASE’s anchor institutions, doubling the size of their MSP staff and a 20-30 percent increase in revenue annually. Srikanth shared that the most rewarding part of his job is providing solutions for clients’ problems.

“Solving complex IT issues require a talented staff, especially in the IT business, where the competition for talent is fierce,” Srikanth added. “As an extension of the program, CASE [via workforce partnerships] will help me with staffing resources and hiring local talent to foster more inclusive growth – a true win-win for all.”