Rush University Medical Center

March 13, 2019

Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) is an enthusiastic anchor of the CASE program. RUMC has focused on becoming a leader in Anchor Mission work in Chicago with a stated central goal to “improve health,” particularly for the residents of the west side of Chicago. The institution made being a catalyst and anchor for community health and economic wellness a strategic priority. Its Anchor Mission strategies help address four critical health needs identified in the West Side community:

  • Improve social, economic, and structural determinants of health
  • Improve access to care and community resources
  • Improve mental and behavioral health
  • Prevent and reduce chronic disease

RUMC’s mission is supported by initiatives to hire locally, develop existing talent, as well as using their procurement spend to buy from local businesses. Human Resources objectives related to the Anchor Mission identify any current community development initiatives to understand what already exists that might relate to HR issues and how RUMC can help move those initiatives forward. Michael A. Jones, Manager of Community Programs, states “The opportunity to obtain a job or career with a livable wage is more than one accomplishment for one individual.  That job positively impacts a family and even an entire community in more ways than just income and I’m proud that Rush is at the forefront of creating purposeful and sustainable change in how we and the City of Chicago approach hiring.” Michael goes on to say “ In FY18, we hired just over 16% of our new employees from the West Side; that equated to about 350 new opportunities for our Community. In FY19, our goal is hire 18% or more from the West Side.”

RUMC began its Anchor Mission journey in the summer of 2016. By elevating it to an organizational priority, they have been able to effectively and efficiently 1) build the infrastructure for their Anchor Mission approach 2) establish baseline and goals for the next 5 years and 3) have expanded RUMC’s internal strategy to include a West Side Anchor Committee and broader community strategy—which co-owned by the committee members.

To learn more about how your organization can become a CASE anchor please contact Kelley Foxx or at 312-589-5774.